October Newsletter

Happy National Pharmacists Month! The goal of this month is to recognize pharmacists for the significant role they play in effective medication management, patient education and overall medication safety. Learn more about how pharmacists can help you every day.

Safe and Effective Medication Use

Pharmacists help ensure that medications control conditions the right way. They help minimize any side effects and safeguard against any possible interactions with other medications that lead to more expensive health care costs such as emergency room visits, hospitalization, etc. They can collaborate with your physician to ensure that your medication therapy is the safest it can be.

Preventative Services

Did you know that more than 300,000 immunization-trained pharmacists administer vaccines, and nearly one in four adults receive their influenza vaccinations at their community pharmacy? Pharmacists can provide guidance on all vaccine-preventable diseases and which immunizations are best for you. We also provide in facility vaccine clinics for all of our facility partners to assist with keeping our senior residents healthy.

OTCs and Supplements

Pharmacists are experts in prescription medications, supplements and over the counter medications. They can tell you about potential interactions with foods, other drugs, or dietary supplements. And they can help you pick the perfect product. With over 100,000 over-the-counter products on the market, your pharmacist is always there to lend a helping hand!

Condition Management

Did you know that pharmacists are experts and more than just medications?  They are trained and educated in how to manage conditions in the whole person. Premier Pharmacy Group has pharmacists on staff to provide support and education on multiple diseases.  This allows them to treat the person rather than the medication.  They focus on non-pharmacy and pharmacy strategies to accomplish control of a disease.

Premier Pharmacy Group Pharmacists

Premier Pharmacy Group was founded on the belief that there is a person attached to every prescription. If Premier Pharmacy Group is currently a part of your wellness journey, call the Premier Pharmacy Group pharmacists today for any of your medication-related questions.

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