Premier Technology

Using one of the leading software programs, PPG integrates with multiple eMAR systems for ease of refilling medications, communicating directly with the pharmacy, and streamlining your medication administration process.  Premier Pharmacy Group works in partnership with ECP to ensure your facility maintains a high quality of care.  With these systems you will discover a decrease of time in dispensing, tracking, and reordering routine medications, reducing the chance of med errors, and increasing time for unprecedented patient care.

For a comprehensive list of software systems that integrate with PPG, please visit:

If you are not currently utilizing an electronic medical record software and want to learn more about how to implement these systems, please call us today!  We assist with the implementation process AND offer discounts on certain EMR systems. 

PPG takes pride in being one of the first to operate a Med Fill System that has a 99.9% accuracy rating.  This system is automated to fill medications with a multifactor verification, checking every single prescription that is filled, 12 times!  This means each prescription dispensed by Premier Pharmacy Group is the correct medication with the correct dosage to the correct patient upon every delivery.

Our efficient Cycle Fill System significantly decreases the time nurses spend reordering medications.  We’re talking a consequential reduction of at least 10% nursing labor hours, and additionally, med pass time is lessened by 15-20% through our organized packaging process.

Valued time saved produces increased time for resident care!

Call us to hear of how our leading technology, along with our outstanding staff, can work with you to make your facility, best in its’ class!