THE Premier Difference

What our Customers love most about Premier Pharmacy Group are the customized services we provide to meet your exact needs.  Whether it’s preferencing the way prescriptions and non-prescriptions are packed, the arrangement of med carts during cycle-fill, the type of equipment we supply, the need for IV Solutions, or consultation toward a deficiency-free survey,


What Makes Premier Pharmacy Group Different From The Rest:

  1. Our Pharmacy Team Understands! PPG is comprised of an exquisite team consisting of Registered Pharmacists, Certified Pharmacy Technicians, Licensed Administrators and Directors of Nursing to address all your pharmaceutical needs, and beyond.
  1. Survey Readiness! The seasoned crew at PPG understands how to assist in stream-lining your current practices to ensure you are survey ready and compliant with all policies and procedures.
  1. Proprietary Technology! Premier Pharmacy takes pride in being one of the first to operate a Med Fill System that has a 99.9% accuracy rating.  This system is automated to fill medications with a multifactor verification, checking each prescription 12 times!
  1. Unparalleled Efficacy! Our stream-lined cycle fill system significantly decreases the time nurses spend reordering medications.  We’re talking a consequential reduction of at least 10% in nursing labor hours, and med pass time is lessened by 15-20% through our organized packaging process!
  1. Pharmacy Equipment! PPG will make certain you have med carts, laptops, fax machine(s), and an Emergency Drug Kit free of charge.  Premier Pharmacy Group secures the accessibility of these items for your clinical care teams as a support for you to deliver medications timely and provide excellent patient-centered care.
  2. Emergency Deliveries! 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Call to discover how we seamlessly transition you into our care, and much, much more!