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Welcome to PPG, where our superior Service, outstanding Staff, and comprehensive Amenities will make a difference in all your healthcare needs.

Services We Offer

Our affordable, high quality and dependable services are what you receive from Premier Pharmacy Group.  Through our dedicated pharmacy staff, dependable consultants, implementation team, educational opportunities, to-your-door deliveries, tailored emergency drug kits, sophisticated equipment and software systems, just to name a few…

we deliver pharmacy services beyond compare

Our Clientele

Premier Pharmacy Group recognizes there is a patient attached to every presciption we fill.  Select the group that best describes your needs and learn how we can start serving you today!

Make The Change Today!

One of the most important services we deliver to our customers is the seamless transition into our care.

Read about how we do all the work for you!

Premier Technology

Premier Pharmacy utilizes a state-of-the-art unit dose packaging system.  Check out the fascinating way we protect our customers to ensure they receive the right medications at the right time!

EasyMed RX

Premier Pharmacy will follow you wherever you go!  Whether discharging to home or moving to another state, PPG will be there for you.

Learn how we travel with you to provide all your pharmaceutical needs!

"STAT" Medications 24/7

Find out how we address emergency prescription orders and provide around-the-clock pharmacy services with speedy deliveries.

About the Premier Team

Our innovative owners and operators have designed an extensive menu of pharmacy services with you in mind.  Through decades of experience managing day-to-day operations in skilled nursing facilities across the United States, we recognized the need to resolve pharmacy concerns for our dedicated clinical care teams and the patients they serve.  This passion led to the configuration of Premier Pharmacy Groups’ unique team of professionals that dominate the talents in the healthcare industry.

Built on principles to deliver unrivaled services, PPG’s team is committed to support and assist you with expert and warmhearted care, the same attentiveness they would give to their own loved ones.  Therefore, when you partner with Premier Pharmacy Group, you are like Family.